Terrorism at Home: Lessons from Fort Hood

by | Nov 9, 2009 | Military, Posts - Manmade Hazards and Issues, Public Health, Terrorism, Workplace Violence

Our last two Examiner posts have dealt with the tragic Ft. Hood domestic terrorist attack:

Untold Casualties: Fort Hood Partial List

The joint commission logoExcerpt: The horrors of the recent slaughter at Fort Hood, TX, represent only a partial list of military victims of Army psychiatrist Major Nadal Malik Hasan. It is a cruel irony that some of the most fragile combat casualties, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), from the nation’s wars were subjected to Major Hasan’s puerile counseling sessions. Emergency preparedness was forfeited at the expense of political correctness in this case.

Full Text can be found here.

The second covers several issues raised by the attacks and is titled:

Who Treats The Healthcare and Security Community?

The joint commission logoExcerpt: Consequences related to players who did not have direct chain of command positions but were fully aware of the potential threat Major Hasan posed is a different matter. What kind of “reasonableness†test will be applied? Professional peers who remained silent in the face of behaviors they were trained to identify and treat will make for some interesting interviews. Others who supervised those who did report their concerns and failed to act on the information find themselves on thin ice.

Full Text can be found here.

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