Public Debate? We will not share Roadside Bomb Technology with the Russians

by | Jan 27, 2014 | Chemical / Biological, Explosive, Nuclear, Oversight, Posts - Manmade Hazards and Issues, Terrorism

The joint commission logoWhat a set-up for a double victory for terrorists during the Olympics. We still do not know who started the conversation, but the media has had a sensational story and they took advantage of all the pontificating on both sides. As an old “Cold Warrior†I was startled by this open disclosure which basically states that in the course of protecting the safety of participants and visitors to the Olympic games in Sochi, the Russians have allegedly been unwilling to share details on their internal threat analysis and have refused support of  US counter-terrorism officials, while the US has repeatedly questioned the readiness and would allegedly withhold key signal jamming technology for roadside IED triggers. Clear evidence the Cold War mentality is alive and well. Regardless of the merits underlying these decisions on both sides, the fact that the debate is public is already a victory for the terrorists, who gain from a divide and conquer approach. Should there be any fatalities from a roadside bomb during the Olympics, it will be difficult for either side to answer the hard questions of why it happened.

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