New Technology and Old Chemical and Biological Threats

by | Aug 30, 2013 | Chemical / Biological, Explosive, Nuclear, Public Health, Terrorism

We have a long history of writing and consulting on CBRNE and post-Katrina All Hazards threats in the healthcare environment. We are increasingly concerned about some of the new opportunities that open up as a result of emerging technology. When coupled with the ongoing dangers associated with Chemical and Biological agents, the addition of a cheap delivery mechanism is a major cause for increased concern.

Consider the following scenario:

The joint commission logoA small quantity of nerve agent, such as Sarin, or bio agent such as Anthrax or any number of biological agents that can be found in hundreds of potentially insecure laboratories across the country, and a personal drone, that is both readily available and very inexpensive, a large crowded area, i.e. sports stadium, mall, county fair or any type of large public gathering. Release of the agent into the crowd and the resulting chaos; if this sounds improbable, watch this video and imagine it with an explosive devise or bio-chemical agent attached:

Not exactly what we had in mind for the next NASCAR event…Is your hospital ready to deal with this new mass casualty threat?

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